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Women and the Future of Porn

Women and the Future of Porn

The world of porn is advancing just like every other industry and is now teaming up with new technology to change how it is enjoyed. Dirty magazines are now a thing of the past and virtual reality porn is the thing of the future. The internet has made porn more widely accessible than ever before and now virtual reality technology is being introduced as well as sex robots. Getting started with Virtual reality porn

More and more people are coming to terms with their sexuality and many experts feel it will not be long before porn is considered mainstream. It seems that most advancements in the porn industry market towards heterosexual individuals even though there has been a large increase in LGBT porn.

It is also being shown that more women are watching porn nowadays than ever before. Pornhub has estimated about 26% of their users to be females. Cindy Gallop is the founder of a subscription website called Make Love Not Porn which features ‘real sex’. She believes that this is because the world of technology is primarily operated through male lenses, which makes any new technology news concerning developments being made in the sexual technology industry geared towards men.

In The Independent she said, “That means that coverage of sex tech defaults to the side of it that is much more comfortable to talk about – the hardware: teledildonics, sex robots, VR porn. It is a lot less comfortable to talk about the side MLNP (Make Love Not Porn) operates on – the software, involving people actually having sex with each other.” She believes that is the reason that sex technology is looked at through a male lens which is pushing people away from each other and more towards individual virtual worlds whereas the female side is trying to bring the people together in the real world aspect of it all.

Some therapists believe that women are in fact somewhat excluded from new releases in the sexual technology world. Whenever the companies release new developments and new technology it is geared towards the biggest consumers in that industry. Right now that means men because they make up the biggest part of porn customers, therefore companies want to cater to them first.

While cardboard vr porn for women may be in the minority of things it is still being made. AliceX, a virtual reality webcam service for adults is striving to cater to their female  members as well as the males and they even have hopes for launching a new site someday that is specifically designed for women.

Virtual reality technology  is giving people the opportunity to explore their sexuality and fantasies from the comfort of their computers at home while still allowing them to have anonymity as well as a sense of physical presence. This also gives singles the opportunity for a casual sex encounter without any risks that come with a real world casual encounter.


VR Porn at Cinequest

On the opening night of Cinequest’s 2017 festival in Redwood City, Mark Pellington presented his new comedy with a dark twist. The Last Word, featuring Shirley MacLaine (as Harriet Lauler) and Amanda Seyfried (as Anne), is about a newspaper staffer named Harriet talked into writing an obituary for a woman named Anne who has not even died.

In an interview after the film, Pellington revealed that the inspiration behind the film’s themes of redemption and loss came from his own loss of his wife and mother. He revealed that both of those events changed him in a very dramatic way. He also said that he was amazed at how genuine the people that attended the film festival were.

Approximately a thousand people were in attendance so it was surprising for so many YouGoggle actual film lovers to be there rather than just people trying to market their businesses and industries. Pellington is a perfect example of what film festivals like Cinequest are meant to be about. Pellington is a filmmaker just trying to explain to his audience the way he deals with his personal sufferings throughout his art. This empowers the audience in return.

Uchida Hall at San Jose State University had a panel session specifically for horror and pornography in the virtual reality industry which is something that was not included in Redwood City. Ela Darling is a virtual reality porn star who is also a former librarian. She got a master’s degree when she was 21 years old and has now become the president of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. During the session she discussed the many different ways that virtual reality could make the adult entertainment experience better. She told the audience that adult performers used to just show up to their gigs and do what was required and then get their money.

Now that technology has advanced so much and things such as web cams were invented, performers are able to go their own route and create their own content rather than go through a filmmaker. Now that very same thing is happening with virtual reality technology. Virtual reality is able to give its users a better sense of connection than regular videos. Virtual reality technology will prove to be especially useful for people that are socially inept. This technology will give people a chance to work on their social skills without having to interact with people in real life.

Virtual Reality Porn: The Pros and the Cons

Virtual Reality Porn: The Pros and the Cons 

Virtual reality is recently filled with sexual contents and the virtual communities are now making it possible to efficiently invent relationships, identities and experiences while at the same time experimenting on boundless virtual space. The number of virtual reality users is rapidly increasing and apparently big part of such number has virtual participation in pornographic activities. Though some individuals are not really open about the idea of engaging themselves to virtual reality porn believing that this might involve inappropriate scenes and situations, virtual reality porn remain to still have several positive aspects. Many individuals are in fact enjoying the advantages that virtual reality offers such as place of anonymity where they find sense of power and freedom and intimacy. To find out more about virtual porn please visit

Anonymity-One Known Advantage of Virtual Reality Porn 

The worldwide web has boosted the wide consumption of pornographic materials making sharing and searching of sexual contents faster, easier, safer and seemingly anonymous. Virtual porn virtually guarantees complete anonymity of individuals engaging to virtual reality porn or those visiting virtual reality porn sites. These sites allow individuals use web for their virtual porn activities even at the comfort of their own homes. Some individuals worry about some risks of running to someone they know and be judged negatively. The anonymity of the internet get rids of the possible stigma linked with such type of scenario. Overall, security and privacy are now fundamental aspect of virtual reality porn industries.

Virtual porn can be educational in some ways. This can be a tool to learn and become stimulated on real-life sexual interactions. The anonymity and availability of virtual porn gives individuals the chance to add spice into their sex life, learn more about their bodies and explore several sexual techniques and interests. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that engaging into virtual porn more often can lead to sexual addiction so individuals need to take things in moderation. Some of the signs of unhealthy relationship with virtual fucking or virtual reality porn are inability to stop watching porn or interacting virtually, losing track of time and more time are spent on porn use, displaying lack of interest in socializing with others and decreasing physical attraction and affection and preferring more stimulation to be aroused and to reach climax.

Overall, limitations and self-regulations turn out to be the ultimate keys towards a healthy relationship with virtual reality porn. But always keep in mind that despite the many benefits of virtual porn, excessive exposure can still fuel negative effects so be guided accordingly regarding proper utilization of virtual porn.



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Escort Munich

At precisely the correct location you’re to get a sightseeing journey together with your Companion Woman Munich. The Frauenkirche, for instance, using its own two onion and its distinctive structure -domed systems is one of the city’s milestone. Additionally worth there may be a trip the Marienplatz. It’s situated close to the town-hall and types Munich’s middle. Here-you may look an entire location saturated in structure and background together with your Companion Munich Top-Model. Nevertheless, if spend time with-in personal together with your Companion Woman Munich and you like to flee in the crowds for some time, you are able to have a relaxing walk round Schloss Nymphenburg’s reasons. Not just the 500-meter- fortress that is broad is currently imposing the Fortress Park is draws and exemplary a large number of visitors every single day.

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Oriental / Neuturmstraße 1 Munich

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